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We all know that life happens and suddenly you're left with bad credit. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to secure the financing you need to purchase a vehicle; but here at Capitol Used Cars, we have some helpful tips to get you approved and get your credit back on track.

  • Know Your Expectations: Write out your budget and calculate what you pay monthly for rent/mortgage, food, insurance, etc so you can figure out how much you have left to spend on a monthly car payment. Knowing how much you can spend beforehand makes the process easier.
  • Get Pre-Approved: This is free and easy. You can apply online with Capitol Used Cars without having to submit personal information, and it doesn't impact your credit. Get approved quickly and easily so you can approach the car-buying process with confidence.
  • Consider Used Cars over New: Monthly payments on used cars are usually lower than on new cars, which can make qualifying easier.
  • Bring A Co-Signer if Possible: Having another person co-sign on your loan increases your chances of getting approved if your credit score is low. If you apply for a loan online, they can let you know if you need a co-signer.
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Tips to Rebuild Your Credit

  • Be Careful with Credit Cards: It's a good idea to stay below your credit limit, and try to never carry a balance of more than 25% of your available credit. Even if you're diligent about paying your balance off every month, your credit can be negatively affected if you reach your credit limit.
  • Pay Your Bills on Time: If you're 30 days late on a payment, it can start to affect your credit. There are a variety of ways you can remind yourself to pay your bills; but one of the best reminders is to set up auto bill pay for expenses such as your mortgage, car payments, and more. It's also a good idea to stay on top of your credit card payments; you can set up auto payments to pay the minimum due, but we only recommend that option to avoid a late payment.
  • Consolidate Your Loans: Another thing that can negatively impact your credit score is too many open accounts with outstanding balances. It's a good idea to try and keep all of your credit card debt on one card, but we recommend checking with your credit card company and reading the fine print first.
  • Keep Up With Your Credit Report: There are websites or apps that will let you check your credit report for no charge. It's prudent to check your credit report to make sure all the information is accurate.

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